Yardianic Trade Route

Търговски път YАРДИANIA
Comércio Rota de Yardia
Sendo Comerciál de Yardia

Map Highlighting Yardianic Trade Route
A map of the First Region highlighting the trade route and major trading cities involved.

Involved nations

Flag of Silvermoon Despotate of Silvermoon
Flag of Tugal Federation of Tugal

Flag of Tugali Gordion Gordion Colonial Zone

Rank (in terms of volume)

N/A (obsoleted)

Rank (in terms of route popularity)

N/A (obsoleted)

Major cities

Flag of Tugal Simbopolis, Tugal
Flag of Tugal Oporto Arawica, Tugal
Flag of Tugali Gordion Gordion, Tugali Gordion
Flag of Silvermoon Cape Argent City, Silvermoon
Flag of Silvermoon Silver City, Silvermoon

The Yardianic Trade Route, named for route founder Yardia Aeruma, is an east-west sea route that connects the Federation of Tugal with Gordion Colonial Zone and, ultimately, the Despotate of Silvermoon. The route was obsoleted by the development of the Skyllia Trade Route, which bypasses the Yardianic voyage into the Extremytaric Ocean and cuts across the Tugalaise Isthmus, which connects continents Utara and Selatan.

Silvermoon-bound routeEdit

The west-east pathway of the two way route largely consists of various goods drawn in from inland continent Trinubes and from areas along the Simbo River consolidated in the city-state of Simbopolis, which is then carried to the coastal city of Oporto Arawica and loaded onto freighters bound for the city of Gordion on Gordion Island as to provide maximum protection, given Gordion's ability to repulse pirate raids. The freighters then leave the Arawdielli Sea through a northern passage between continents Trinubes and Utara. The freighters then turn eastwards after entering the Extremytaric Ocean and sail parallel to the northern shores of continent Utara until reaching the Latenga Gulf; they then adjust course until they reach the Tarantine Coast of continent Mun Lindore. The freighters stock up in Cape Argent City before heading up the Argent River, depositing their load in the Aerumaen capital, Silver City.

Tugal-bound routeEdit

The east-west pathway of the two way route largely consists of lindories mined from the Lindori Forest and throughout the Argent River Valley, along with various manufactured goods and goods produced by native tribes in northern Mun Lindore. Goods are brought south to Silver City from Cielos and consolidated with Silver City holdings before everything is loaded onto the ships and sent off to Tugal. The ships make a stop at Cape Argent City to acquire additional freight and to restock on food, water, and military supplies (this is not done in Silver City after the ships arrive), and after leaving the Argent River Estuary, sail along the Tarantine Coast for a short while. The ships lose sight of continent Mun Lindore after leaving the Tarantine Coast and entering deep sea in Latenga Gulf, but once sight of continent Utara is gained, the ships follow its coastline and enter the Extremytaric Ocean. As the winds move eastwards, the journey westwards on the Extremytaric Ocean grows significantly in length, and freighter ships sometimes stop to bargain for additional supplies with peoples on the northern Utara coastline. The passage into the Arawdielli Sea takes the freighters south; this maneuver also slows the journey slightly, and captains usually decide to stop in Gordion to refuel and to let tired sailors relax for a day before depositing the freight in Oporto Arawica. From here, the goods are often distributed to the city-states of Simbopolis, Nova Riviera, or Florianópolis for trade with surrounding peoples, or for freight along the Transgamayan Trade Route to Gamshin in Ashura-Chana.