Xavian Tarragía (born in Cielograd Laborers' Camp, Despotate of Silvermoon) is the commander-in-chief of the military of the State of Tabatín.

Early lifeEdit

Tarragía was born to two poor laborers who moved to the Cielograd Laborers' Camp nearby the Angelino Falls to aid in the construction of the Cielos Dam, a project issued by the despot of the time, Iami Aeruma. Rather than receiving an education, Tarragía aided his family with the work projects involving the dam, and once the dam was completed, he enlisted for the army of Silvermoon, and was accepted and trained in a barracks complex outside of Silver City until he was 21. In his free time, he taught himself how to read with difficulty by using textbooks from elementary school structures within Silver City's bounds. Eventually, he began to study military doctrine from books written by Alma Aeruma. At this point, Tarragía was twenty-six.

Later lifeEdit

Tarragía was a lieutenant in the army of Silvermoon when the Silver City Civil Conflict broke out. Fiercely loyal to the Aerumaen dynasty, Tarragía made a move with his platoon to secure the entrances of the Grand Argentine Palace. However, he was met with heavy resistance in the Silver City Riots and was unable to rescue despot Yardia Aeruma and her son, Undra Aeruma. Tarragía was ultimately surrounded by an element of Qardiqa Yzadha's force, and was one of six survivors when Yzadha ordered the element to fire into his surrendered platoon. Tarragía was placed on the Новото селище with Undra Aeruma and about 2,000 other captured loyalists and exiled.

Tarragía was injured when the Новото селище encountered a tropical storm in the Extremytaric Ocean to the north of continent Karalla, but sustained only superficial wounds. He was one of the 754 survivors of the Новото селище's crash in the North White River Delta, and used his expertise gained from his assistance in the construction of the Cielos Dam to scrap the Новото селище and use its parts for building the city of Taba. Undra Aeruma personally selected Tarragía to train a new military force by Aeruma's schedule, and allowed him to build a rudimentary intelligence center at Fort Rotterdam in the center of the city. During the Battle of Taba, Tarragía was responsible for the repulsion of the Turnipion Union armies under General Pwn and for Undra Aeruma's safe escape to Myrin; when he pulled out of Taba too, the Treaty of Peace Between Tabatinia and the Turnipion Union was signed by Aeruma and him, relinquishing their lands on the condition that they would escape with their lives.

Today, Tarragía resides in Nova Cielos and is equipping Cielu Castle and its personnel with knowledge of military doctrine in case of a second Turnipion invasion.