White River

Бяла река

White River on Karalla
A map of the White River on continent Karalla, superimposed over a map of the continent of Karalla as a whole.


Flag of Tabatinia State of Tabatín
Turnipion Union


Lake Byal
White Mountains


North White River

Delta north of Myrin, Tabatinia claimed by State of Tabatín

East White River

Unclaimed delta far east of Taba, TU

Major cities

Taba, Turnipion Union
Myrin, Tabatinia

The White River is a forked river system that runs eastwards in the northern part of continent Karalla. It is the second largest river system on the continent. Starting in mountains at east, the river flows eastwards in a consistent downhill pattern that has carved a slight canyon environment in the mountain range's foothills, although the river slows dramatically by the time it forks into the North White River and the East White River. The river valleys past this point are some of the most fertile in planet Antioch's First Region, although both the North White River Delta and the East White River Delta are generally nutrient-poor tracts of wetland.

Two major civilizations (and two significant cities) have holdings on the river; the first was the State of Tabatín, a group of Aerumaen loyalists under Undra Aeruma who were exiled from the Despotate of Silvermoon after the Silver City Civil Conflict. Founding their capital at the city of Taba with the salvaged remains of the ship Новото селище, the Tabatingians were rapidly driven out in the War on Tabatinia where the Turnipion Union overran the capital in the Battle of Taba. They established their new capital downstream nearby the North White River Delta at Myrin.