First Region Map Highlighting Utara
A First Region map highlighting continent Utara.



Utara is the fifth-largest continent in the First Region of planet Antioch, connected to its counterpart Selatan in the south by a narrow isthmus dominated by the longest river in the First Region. Extensions of the Latenga Gulf separate Utara from continent Mun Lindore in the east, and extensions of the Arawdielli Sea separate the continent from the northern coastline of Trinubes in the west. Much of Utara is densely forested by trees that routinely soar to heights similar to those of fifty-story tall office buildings, although the northwestern end of the continent is a vast and hilly grassland where a single massive dormant volcano and the First Region's largest waterfall complex lies. A tall mountain range along the eastern coastline of the continent is largely responsible for rain shadow on the extreme western coastline of Mun Lindore.