Undra Aeruma (born in Silver City, Despotate of Silvermoon) is the exiled heir to the Aerumaen throne in Silvermoon and founder and ruler of the State of Tabatín on continent Karalla.

Early lifeEdit

Undra Aeruma was born to the Tugali Doge Aguas II of Oporto Arawica and the Despot of Silvermoon Yardia Aeruma. Undra Aeruma sponsored the construction of Silvermoon State University, Cape Argent City and Silvermoon State University, Cielos at age five with allowance from his mother, inspired by her education in the University of Oporto Arawica. Learning early, Undra Aeruma became fluent in all six Tugali languages and the Tibakkan language by age fourteen. Aeruma was set to graduate from a study of engineering in Silver City State University at the time the Silver City Civil Conflict erupted. Aeruma was partially deafened in his right ear by a renegade cannon blast during the Silver City Riots when a group of pro-Yzadha rebels attempted to storm the Grand Argentine Palace where he was staying. Eventually, Yzadhan supporters overran the palace and kept Undra Aeruma in a room, where Yzadha mutilated Aeruma's face via scalpel before taking him out to watch his mother be publicly disgraced and then executed onboard the Новото селище. Yzadha then exiled Aeruma and approximately 2,000 other captured loyalists aboard the ship. The flight of Undra Aeruma through the Extremytaric Ocean contributed to a psychotic state of mind he developed.

Later lifeEdit

The Новото селище was north of continent Karalla when a massive tropical storm blew the ship up the White River and shore. The Новото селище rolled over and over on the sandbanks of the North White River Delta before coming to a rest, where 754 loyalist survivors climbed out of the wreckage. Aeruma affirmed his rule over the group and made a speech including the statement "di kíko nos tabatín," a phrase that means "of what we had" in the Oporto language, in mourning the loss of the Aerumaen throne and for his mother's death. Aeruma's followers then took the statement as the national title, forming the State of Tabatín at the base of the delta in which they crashed with wreckage from the Новото селище to found the city of Taba. Aeruma then began to rule a harsh regime over his people afterwards, derived from the anger and pain that had contributed to his insanity.

In the aftermath of the Battle of Taba, Aeruma chose a poor location to build his new capital, Myrin (named after Ashura-Chani chancelloric oracle !Xoqlt Myrine), and executed personally the soldier that had suggested that he move uphill away from the blood-sucking insects that plagued the Myrinese region in particular.