Gordion Colonial Zone, Colony of the Federative States of Tugal

Tugali Gordion

19 Jan 2010 Tugali Gordion with Flag
(left) A map of Tugali Gordion. The red regions were administered regions, and the light yellow regions were areas that are claimed by Gordionian forces.

(right) The official colonial flag of Tugali Gordion.


Abaixo o fogo está o combustível. Nós somos a ignição da indústria de nosso país mãe. (Below the fire lies the fuel. We are the igniters of our mother country's industry.)

Colonial capital
(and largest city)



Oporto language (official)
Unidante language (official)
Santandían language (official)
Tibakkan language (unofficial, majority speakers)
New Oporto language (unofficial, widely used)
Común language (unofficial, local)
Simbo language (unofficial, local)

-Head of State

Aguas III
Parseydon Burradur



Major cities


The Gordion Colonial Zone, known informally as Tugali Gordion, was an Arawdielli Sea colony of the Federation of Tugal located on Gordion Island off the coast of Trinubes. Its capital was the city of Gordion on its southern shores, and held close ties to its founders, the city-states of Oporto Arawica and Nova Riviera. Tugali Gordion was a major anti-piracy force, and was established for that very reason to regulate trade on the Yardianic Trade Route. It had been granted partial autonomy from the Tugali mainland states by decree of doge Aguas III of Oporto Arawica, and was free to tax Yardianic trade as it wishes. It was a computer colony that was founded January 5th, 2010.

The population of Tugali Gordion exploded with the discovery of myleni gems on the eastern end of Gordion Island, which are inferior to lindori gems in quality but are attractively ruddy in color. A charter company based in Simbopolis petitioned Aguas III for permission to found a city, and with the approval of governor Parseydon Burradur, the city of Trujillo was created on January 28, 2010.

The Valentine War set off increasing conflicts between doge Aguas III in Oporto Arawica and Xaytartie Santiaga in Nova Riviera. It ultimately reached a head on the Emergency meeting of the States, 2010, when Tugal fractured into North Tugal and Royal Tugal. Unable to decide who to side with and with Parker Lloyesia gone in war with Goba, Aeruma and Burradur issued the Declaration of Gordionian Indecision. Both Oporto Arawica and Nova Riviera openly rejected association with Tugali Gordion after this point, making the nation practically independent. The Republic of Lloyesiana was incorporated on September 20, 2010; Aeruma and Burradur chose Lloyesia's name because she was both a symbol of heroism on Gordion Island and had a name unaffiliated with either Silvermoon or Tugal.