Tugali Federation
Federashon di Tugal
Federación de Tugal
Federação de Tugal
Тугалия Федерация
Flag of the Tugali Federation
Nosotros estamos aquí, y estamos juntos en todas las cosas.
(Santandían: We are here, and we are together in all things.)
National Anthem
Tugal location
Computer Nation
Capital Oporto Arawica
Largest City Oporto Arawica
Demonym Tugali
Official Language(s) Oporto

Unidante (regional)
Bulgarian (regional, written)
Simbo (regional)
New Oporto (regional)

Form of Government Federal oligarchy
Doge Aguas III
Major Cities Oporto Arawica

Nova Riviera
Nueva Simbopolis
Nuevo Oporto

The Tugali Federation (pronounced CHOO-gahl) or Federation of Tugal, known collaquially as just Tugal, was a federal oligarchy united by the leader of the most powerful city-state. It was based on the coastline of the Arawdielli Sea on continent Trinubes. The nation also had holdings on the Simbo River. For much of the game's duration, it was composed of seventeen city-states united under the most powerful city, Oporto Arawica, which was named the capital of the entire federation. It was one of the most populous states in place in the First Region of planet Antioch until it fractured on August 6, 2010. Centered mainly on trade as the Venetian Republic has historically been, the Tugali states were among the most diverse and cosmopolitan regions on Antioch; the nation's cities collectively had seven official languages, where only two are completely native to the Tugali homeland. The Tugali Federation was the first civilization to develop on continent Trinubes, and were a computer nation based partially on Portugal.


The Tugali people initially aggregated into six city-states along the Arawdielli coastline in response to oncoming shipments of lindories from the Despotate of Silvermoon on continent Mun Lindore. The hinterlands along the Simbo River provided enough food for the small states to sustain themselves, although the jungle environment severely dampened the growth of Tugali cities. Mimicking the design of the earlier Aerumaen freighters with inferior and natural materials, the Tugali people dispatched a number of ships around the Arawdielli Sea in search of those who would take the lindori gems that their early cities had purchased after local nomads refused to continue bartering for them. The results turned up a wealth of possibilities. The Tugali cities of Oporto Arawica and Gerrares grew to great political significance, as their witty leaders were able to draw significant amounts of business away from the bustling Aerumaen port at Cape Argent City. Jealous of the great wealth of the coastal trade cities, the four other city-states along seven others that had been founded in the vicinity openly declared war on Gerrares and Oporto Arawica in the Tugali War of Unification. Although Gerrares was destroyed, Oporto Arawica was able to effectively assert itself as the supreme city-state under the rule of Karmykal Burradur, who renamed himself Doge Aguas I, the first king of the United Tugali Federation; under his son, Aguas II, the name was truncated to its present one. Aguas II, with the assistance of his wife Yardia Aeruma, ruler of Silvermoon, the Tugali Federation effectively mercantilized and broadened their economic base to one that was not focused entirely on the lindori trade.

Aguas II's son, Rayrames I, dispatched his stepson Prince Barratecha Monsrayt to captain the Arawdielli Armada, which was purposed to force the peoples of the Arawdielli coastline in Utara and Selatan to pay a one-time tribute to the Tugali Federation to fund the construction of the Palacio Arawdielli in Oporto Arawica. The Voyages of Barratecha Monsrayt were hugely successful, and funded not only the city palace but also the recruitment of a 7,500 man standing army to supplement the existing force of 2,500. It was partially necessary for Rayrames I to have undertaken these actions to perpetuate the nation's prosperity, as he removed the Tugali Federation from its joint mercantilism with Silvermoon. When Rayrames I died, Monsrayt succeeded him, taking on the name Aguas III as king. The Silver City Civil Conflict in the Despotate of Silvermoon along with the bankruptcy of the Silvermoon government immediately before caused Silvermoon to fall into decline, allowing the Tugali Federation to eclipse it in power.

Aguas III took a particularly significant interest in colonization, which would pose a way to keep the prices of raw materials down by extracting them from other countries. Under Aguas III's rule, colonies on Gordion Island, the Tugalaise Isthmus, and Archipelica Island were founded and Tugal rose to a position of near dominance of Arawdielli trade. However, the outbreak of the Valentine War drained the Tugali treasury, forcing Aguas III to increase taxation of all territories under Tugali domain. Insurrection followed, and eventually the Elysium Colonial Zone broke away from the Tugali Federation and became the independent state of Elysion; continued unrest amongst colonial investments started to cause the Tugali Empire to collapse.

The loss of Ciudad Espera to Altadenica, followed by the independences of Elysion and the Presidio, caused drastic shortages of food and money in the Tugali homeland. The Simbopolis food riot exemplified this, which Aguas III dealt with by pouring a staggering portion of the treasury into raised pay rates for starving citizens in Simbopolis. Xaytartie Santiaga argued with Aguas III in increasingly heated arguments over Aguas' economic policies; ultimately, when an emergency conference was called by Aguas to increase taxes on the already impoverished city-states, Santiaga seceded from the federation, taking Nova Riviera and Florianópolis with him and creating the Federation of North Tugal. The city-states that remained loyal to the doge endured increasingly crushing tax hikes, forming a new federation called the Royal Federation of Tugal.

The division of Tugal into two parts left the question of the Gordion Colonial Zone, which had strong ties of loyalty to both Royal Tugal's Oporto Arawica and to North Tugal's Nova Riviera. Gordion mayor Maxus Aeruma and Tugali Gordion governor Parseydon Burradur argued over who to join and who to betray, leaving Commander Parker Lloyesia (who was engaged in battle in the Moyen Serpent at the time) to decide the fate of the island.


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The Tugali military was a highly disciplined naval force that has historically had the capability to totally dominate Arawdielli waters. The majority of its troops were mariners, and although they were well-versed and trained in weaponry pertaining to land as well, they were not accustomed to the tactics or conflicts on dry earth. For matters pertaining to land, the Tugali city-states utilized their massive amounts of wealth to hire mercenaries off local tribes and nomadic peoples, a major cause of infighting north of the Tugali Federation on the Simbo River. They were capable of, at the best of times, tripling their military force with mercenaries.