First Region Map Highlighting Trinubes
A map of the First Region with Trinubes highlighted.



Trinubes is the largest continent in the First Region of planet Antioch. It isolates the continent of Karalla entirely from the other First Region continents through the presence of the New Barents Sea, while it is separated from the continent Moyen-Sud by the lengthy Moyen Serpent. The highly fertile northeastern region of the continent borders the Arawdielli Sea. The majority of the continent is covered in a dense jungle, although plains grasslands are prevalent in the extreme north and the south-central regions of the continent. Mountain ranges are partially responsible for the rain shadow effect that creates a number of large deserts in the central regions of the Trinubiaen continent. The extreme south hosts a tundra environment and Trinubes' sole coniferous forest, and a large buildup of ice forms a bridge where Trinubes and the Trinubiaen Ice Shelf overlap. A large lake (the Hadrumentum Sea) is present at the south-central end of the continent, the largest in Antioch's First Region.

Trinubes is named for the three legend peaks in its northern reaches, where "tri-" stands for "three" and "nubes" stands for "peaks."