The Vitalla Tribe




Tibakkan Language


Decentralized shamanism

Current Ma-Vitalla

Eòghnaidh Mateä (YO nee EO nee mah TAY aw)

Civilian population (as of 6/23/10)


Troop count (as of 6/23/10)




Major Cities


Human player


The Vitalla are a tribal clan located On the Trinubes continent. They have taken well to foreign explorers and merchants from Simbopolis in the Federation of Tugal and have advanced rapidly technologically and socially due to trade with said contact. Naturally enemies with the less open Goba, they have waged war constantly over the past few years. Very spiritual in nature, the Vitalla religion is very similar to the Gobalese folk religion, enough that most non-Vitalla consider it the same religion. The Vitalla lack a complex system of government save for their "spiritual leader", referred to as the "Ma-Vitalla" ("Guardian of the spirit people"). They are a human nation controlled by Psycatic.

Unique to the Vitalla, is their habit of making incredibly detailed masks and headgear based on animals on the Trinubes continent. In terms of weapons, the Vitalla are limited mainly to wooden spears and slings, as well as bows, but trade with explorers means that firearms and metal weapons are increasingly common. The Vitalla have a very diverse set of medicinal items, due to both trade and experimentation with natural substances.