State of Tabatín
състоянието на имахме
Flag of Tabatinia2
ние сме непобедимост
(We are invincibility)
National Anthem
Tabatinia location
Computer Nation
Capital Silver City
Largest City Silver City
Demonym Tabatíngian
Official Language(s) Común, Halia Dialect (spoken)
Bulgarian (written)
Form of Government Fascist state
Absolute Ruler Undra Aeruma
Currency Unknown
Major Cities Silver City

Cape Argent City
Holy Blanciona
New Argent City

The State of Tabatín (pronounced [ˌtɑː.bʌˈtiŋ]), known locally as Taba for its former chief city or Tabatinia, is a fascism created by exiles from the Despotate of Silvermoon, the defeated faction of the Silver City Civil Conflict. The nation is headed by Undra Aeruma, a descendant of Alma Aeruma, the founder of the Silvermoon state. Tabatinia was essentially the city of Taba and its hinterlands, which is built on the banks of the northern branch of the White River on continent Karalla, until the War on Tabatinia with the Turnipion Union drove the Tabatíngians into exile downstream to Myrin; it later spread across much of the northern coastline of Karalla after its situation stabilized. Like its mother country, Tabatinia advocates agnosticism as its state religion. It is a computer nation.

Tabatinia became economically dependent on Kamzia in February 2010 after Kamzia flooded the Tabatingian markets with Kiamziati goods, extinguishing local Tabatingian industries; in order to reverse this situation, Tabatinia allied with the Turnipion Union against Kamzia in the Valentine War and destroyed the Kiamziati Colonial Estate, thus releasing Kamzia's grip on the nation. Tabatinia officially gained the cities of Shyraite and the Coastal City after the Treaty of Nova Cielos was set into action, and used resources from these Kiamziati cities to rebuild its economic soundness.

The two allies later agreed to turn on Silvermoon after the Turnipion Union helped Silvermoon reclaim Ashura-Chana in the Transgamayan Blitz. In the resulting Novoto Blitz on Mun Lindore and the Second Transgamayan Blitz on Bianco, Tabatinia and the Turnipion Union conquered what used to be both Silvermoon and Ashura-Chana. In the Continental Exchange Agreement, Tabatinia traded all of its possessions on continent Karalla for complete control over the jointly ruled continents of Mun Lindore and Bianco.