Таба (written local)

Taba with roads 29 Dec 2009
A transportation map of Taba superimposed over an elevation map. The light orange is the Administrative Camp; the darker orange represents roads of all sorts.


Заедно можем всичко преодолеят (Together, we overcome everything)




150 (As of 12/29/09)

Local languages

Turnipion dialect of the Común language (official spoken & written)
Halia dialect of the Común language (unofficial spoken)
Cyrillic Bulgarian (unofficial written)

-Head of State

Direct government administration

Troop count

400 (As of 12/29/09)

Taba was the capital and largest city in the State of Tabatín until it was conquered by JT of the Turnipion Union. It was directly established by Undra Aeruma, the child of ruler Yardia Aeruma, who was exiled along with loyalist supporters after his faction lost the Silver City Civil Conflict in the Despotate of Silvermoon. The city is split into two by the northern branch of the White River, and lies directly beneath the North White River Delta, the most fertile region of the entire river.

The city is constituted mostly of makeshift huts and shacks created from scrap salvaged from the ship that took the exiled loyalists to the area, as Taba was settled in a hurry after a storm blew the exiles and the Новото селище upriver and aground into the wetlands of the delta. When the War on Tabatinia took place and troops from the neighboring Turnipion Union, Taba was the first target. The Battle of Taba was rapid and little damage was done to the city when the Treaty of Peace Between Tabatinia and the Turnipion Union was signed.