Simbo River

Río Simbo
Ribiera di Simbo
Simbo Rieky

Simbo River on Trinubes
A map of the Simbo River on continent Trinubes, superimposed over a map of the continent of Trinubes as a whole.


Flag of Altadenica Federation of Altadenica
Flag of Tugal Federation of Tugal
The Vitalla


Transimboi Glacial Remnants
Transimboi Mountains


Simbo Estuary

At the division between the Moyen Serpent and Arawdielli Sea

Major cities

Nova Riviera, Tugal
Simbopolis, Tugal
Altadena, Altadenica
Mavitallis, Vitallan possessions
Balticopolis, Altadenica
Florianópolis, Tugal

The Simbo River (pronounced SIHM-boh) is an extensive river system that runs southwards from the northern end of the Trinubes continent to where the Arawdielli Sea opens into the Moyen Serpent. It is the longest river system on the continent. It's source is located in the Transimboi Mountains. The river has traditionally moved at a relatively sluggish pace, although its regular flood seasons in its southern reaches have generated fertile floodplains in the midst of the light jungle on its banks. These were cultivated and gave rise to the Federation of Tugal and the Federation of Altadenica and to wild sustenance that has fed the Vitalla people.