Despotate of Silvermoon
деспотизъм на среброЛуната
Flag of Silvermoon2
цел е сила

Order is Power

National Anthem
Silvermoon location
Computer Nation
Capital Silver City
Largest City Silver City
Demonym Aerumaen
Official Language(s) Común, Halia dialect (spoken)

Bulgarian (written)

Form of Government Absolutist despotism
Despot Tetrarch Yzadha
Chief Minister Meade Gorrogáiz
Major Cities Silver City

Cape Argent City
New Argent City

The Despotate of Silvermoon, known collaquially as just Silvermoon or Lindoria and initially as the Aerumaen Despotate, was an absolutist despotism based in the Argent River Valley on continent Mun Lindore in the First Region of planet Antioch. At the time of its destruction, it was composed of six states and five independent cities; the largest of the cities, Silver City, served as the capital of the entire nation. It is the first people of Antioch to advocate agnosticism over other state religions, an action done to distinguish the nation from its highly religious roots. Silvermoon was a computer nation, and was destroyed in the last days of the Valentine War during the one-day Novoto Blitz by the Turnipion Union and Tabatinia.


Mun Lindore was uninhabited by civilized beings prior to the exile of military strategist Alma Aeruma and his followers to the island from Ashura-Chana on continent Bianco. Aeruma declared himself despot over the exiles upon arrival at what would later become Silver City and, in a show of power, executed an Ashura-Chana aristocrat named Shalma Ompia who had attempted to assassinate Aeruma en route to Mun Lindore by throwing him into the fast flowing currents of the local river. This public execution led to the discovery of highly valuable minerals studded into the bed of the river that would become known as lindories, or "silvers" locally. The nation began to center itself around the trade and mining of such gems; Alma Aeruma's successor and daughter, Iami Aeruma, renamed the chief settlement to Silver City and christened the local stream the "Argent River," personally establishing Cape Argent City to facilitate sea trade with the nearby continents Utara and Selatan and the city of Cielos as a debtors' laborer camp attempting to dam the river and stifle its flow to make mining easier. Yardia Aeruma, born to a cunning merchant and Iami Aeruma, amassed enough wealth to expand and maintain the national hinterlands, leading to an unprecedented population boom and massive construction projects in each city, alongside the generation of large standing army of 10,000.

However, the population boom and high rate of government spending ultimately emptied the Silvermoon treasury and outpaced economic growth. The Silver City Civil Conflict broke out and the Aerumean head of state was overthrown and executed as Qardiqa Yzadha came to power; surviving supporters of the Aeruma dynasty were exiled to continent Karalla, forming the State of Tabatín. The war greatly weakened national stability, and the population, which had grown to almost a quarter of a million, decreased significantly in "The Death" as the government lost its capabilities to maintain farmland and general sanitation in its cities. Yzadha died two years after taking power and Tetrarch Yzadha succeeded him; Yzadha's son effectively stabilized the economy through Tarantine War gains. The nation attempted to balance its economy by establishing the Aerumaen Elysia colony, but its independence in the Tugalaise Coup ruined its chances.

Silvermoon remained in its weakened state and hoped to rebuild its economy; thus, it abstained from the Valentine War, hoping to take advantage of the war to boost its industries. The Turnipion Union agreed to ally with Silvermoon to conquer the lands of Ashura-Chana. The success of these campaigns significantly boosted morale in the nation, and it began to transition into an era of patriotism and new prosperity However, with a second, secret alliance between Tabatinia and the Turnipion Union set on destroying Silvermoon then came to light, and the Turnipion Union turned on Silvermoon and conquered it in one day in the Novoto Blitz. Silvermoon was then ceded to Tabatinia in the Continental Exchange Agreement.