Silver City (СилвърСити)

Selishte (Old Común-Bulgarian)

Silver City with roads
A transportation map of Silver City superimposed over an elevation map. The light orange is the Grand Argentine Palace; the dark orange are roads of all types.


На сребро ще се изграждат и системност е нашата гордост (On silver we are built, and orderliness is our pride)



Civilian population

42,293 (As of 12/28/09)


Silver = local name for lindori


Head of State

Mayor-council gov't

Tetrarch Yzadha
Gerrat Yzadha

Troop count

2,000 soldiers

Silver City is the largest city and the capital of the Despotate of Silvermoon and has been the largest city in the First Region since its founding by Alma Aeruma. Initially founded as Selishte, its name was changed by despot Iami Aeruma to its present name when valuable lindori gems were discovered in abundance in the riverbed of the Argent River, which passes through the city center. Its central location in the Argent River Valley, half way between the laborers' city of Cielos further to the north and the bustling port city of Cape Argent City to the south.

As symbolism of the despot's power, the city is built in concentric circles around the Grand Argentine Palace where the despot resides. Seven concentric circles existed at 28 December 2009, with the population of each ring an exponentially increased version of the previous. The Cielos Dam slowed the rapid flow of the Argent River enough to make Silver City an important inland port; more goods pass through Silver City than all Aerumaen ports combined.