MG Shalma Ompia (born in Ashuria, Ashura-Chana — died in Selishte, Aerumaen Despotate) was the foresmost noble in the aristocracy of the Ashura-Chani state of Gamshin on continent Bianco in his time. He is most well-known for his assassination attempt on military strategist Alma Aeruma and for his history-changing execution, and his role in the death of Ashura-Chani holiest oracle D'mytilene Qshuria.

Early lifeEdit

Shalma Ompia was born to bourgeoisie parents that invested their lives in the sale of fresh fish caught in the Appia of Biancoslatania. Ompia was smart and persuasive, and convinced his parents to leave the fish markets of Ashuria to invest partially in privateers among the Arawdielli Sea coastline. Major hits on the Tugali trading vessels Cachorro Velho, Asturiana, and Puente SAC off the coastline of city-state Gerrares propelled Ompia and his family into the nobility of the city, a highly esteemed position reserved only for the wealthiest Biancians. At this point, Ompia was twelve years old, and the sudden introduction of things he had not readily seen catapulted him into a megalomanic state of mind. Manipulating the decrees of Holiest Oracle Djimana D'ashuria, Ompia secured a massive tract of land on the Gamayan River on the eastern half of the continent, and designed a city there, naming it Gamshin; Gamshin's growth would remain largely independent of other major Ashura-Chani historical events because of Ompia's efforts.

Later life and deathEdit

The death of his parents when he became thirty-five left their legacy in the hands of their son, who sold their holdings in Ashuria and invested everything in the construction and development of Gamshin; the resulting economic and population boom threatened the livelihoods of the local people. After D'ashuria died, Ompia convinced the new Holiest Oracle D'mytilene Qshuria to declare war on these peoples. Qshuria assigned Alma Aeruma to the task, and the Transgamayan Campaign began; the result was a complete failure, and Gamshin was largely destroyed in the resulting war. Angry and bankrupted, Ompia convinced Qshuria to exile Alma Aeruma for his failure into the hands of the peoples he had been trying to eradicate, and then worked with aide Tundralk Barall to assassinate the Holiest Oracle. Ompia disposed of Barall and then boarded the Стария Свети Ирония, which Aeruma and reconciled tribesmen boarded en route to continent Mun Lindore.

As the ship crossed the Appia completely and neared the coastline of Selatan, Ompia attempted to sneak up on Aeruma and stab him in the stomach, but Aeruma was able to reverse the attack and to disarm Ompia. The failed assassination attempt increased Aeruma's paranoia, but after realizing Ompia had come solo, he put Ompia in the brig and continued on the route to Mun Lindore. Aeruma founded the city of Selishte on the shores of a local and swift river upon arriving. After camp had been set up, Ompia was tied up, weighted, and thrown into the river. The flow carried away his body and tore it to pieces on the rugged bedrock, making a recovery of his body impossible.


Ompia, whose role in Qshuria's death had been unknown at the time, was awarded the honorific title of "The Most Gracious" by Highest Oracle Djishura D'chmana after news of his attempt to assassinate Aeruma had come about. He remained popular in Ashura-Chana even after his role in Qshuria's death was discovered, and is honored by holiday and statue throughout Ashura-Chani states.