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Sector Antioch Wiki covers topics pertaining to the Sector spinoff that takes place on the planet Antioch.
The game takes place on the "Antinoch" forum, so if you are interested in joining, please contact Jab101. :D
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Where the action takes place. June 17, 2010


Hi, all you guys. Welcome to the wiki. I recommend that you read up if you have any free time; you probably should by this point for reasons you guys should understand. A lot of work has gone into building this wiki. Add to it where you can, yeah? :] Thanks for dropping by! --Jaystriker7 16:21, May 28, 2010 (UTC)

Most recent Sector Antioch news:

December 4, 2010Edit

November 26, 2010Edit

  • New Sapporo is fully completed, attracting nearly 470,000 Ashura-Chani refugees and others.

November 24, 2010Edit

November 23, 2010Edit

November 21, 2010Edit

November 10, 2010Edit

October 7, 2010Edit

September 30, 2010Edit

  • Undra Aeruma issues Suppression Order 004, revoking the passports of all peoples of Ashurian descent on Bianco. He orders police officers to execute anyone of Ashurian descent that appears to be stepping out of line.

September 21, 2010Edit

September 20, 2010Edit

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Where to Start
If you guys want to start reading up, then a good place to start would be at the List of civilizations page. If you have started a nation, you might as well go there also because your nation's page (if it has been written) will be linked there also. Check it out!
If you are looking for a way to make a national flag, start at the Sector Antioch Wiki:Vexillography page, the art of flag-making.