Seaxo Dryó (born in Zabayba, Kamzia) is an engineer that works for the government of the Kiamziati Kingdom. He was the chief designer of the Seaxo Project.

Early lifeEdit

Seaxo was born in Zabayba to a family of miners. Instead of attending schooling, which was nonmandatory in Zabayba and relatively expensive, his family forced him to work the mines nearby Mount Zabayba. Seaxo grew to hate the job, running away from his parents and migrating for six years before ultimately ending up in Oporto Arawica, Tugal. Seaxo made a living in small commercial mining operations on Gordion Island, as mining was the only thing he knew how to do. He was tutored in elementary geology and mathematics for company purposes. However, he managed to take advantage of a scholarship program that earned him registration in the University of Nova Riviera, where he studied engineering; he found that roads especially interested him.

Later lifeEdit

When Seaxo graduated, he returned to mines on Gordion Island; he was ultimately promoted to a corporate position in Simbopolis, where the company was based. His success earned him an invitation back to Kamzia handwritten by king Piarakee Myó. Honored, Seaxo accepted and moved to Kamza, where the king's palace was.

Seaxo became one of Piarakee's chief engineers. He was responsible for the paving of Kamzan roads and of the first intranational highway before being commissioned to take on a job that involved connecting Kamza to port cities on the New Barents Sea. Coined the Seaxo Project after its director, Seaxo's success won him the Kiamziati Medal of Great Achievement.

Seaxo Dryó currently lives in a studio apartment in Kamza alone.