The Новото селище (known also as the Novoto Selishte) was an old freighter licensed to Port of Cape Argent City in the Despotate of Silvermoon. Used historically as a mining vessel that carried lindories from Silvermoon to Oporto Arawica in the Federation of Tugal, the vessel was decommissioned after nigh fatal errors in its electrical systems caused the ship to ram into a crane in the Port of Silver City while docking, a mistaken maneuver that knocked nearly $200 million worth of lindories being loaded at the port into the nearby Grand Argentine Palace, which housed the nation's despot; the incident resulted in twelve deaths in the palace, including the nation's Ministers of Trade and of Education, respectively known by name as Lt. Barranqui Laraman and Quingara Aeruma (brother of the despot at the time, Yardia Aeruma).

The Novoto Selishte was set to be sunk as an artificial reef in the Latenga Gulf the day the Silver City Civil Conflict erupted; the ensuing anarchy prevented the ship from leaving harbor, although it was among the few ships in the Port of Silver City to remain untorched. When the Aeruma Dynasty was overthrown, Yardia Aeruma was executed publically by decapitation by blunt axe aboard the ship, and her son Undra Aeruma and the remaining 2,500 Aeruman loyalists were rounded up on the ship with sparse provisions and exiled from Silvermoon waters.

Undra Aeruma was elected as de facto leader; the flight he and his followers took led them through the Extremytaric Ocean to just north of the continent Karalla when a tropical storm caught the fragile ship in its waves and forced it up the northern branch of the White River. The ship was grounded at the base of the North White River Delta; all but 754 of the loyalists were killed. Aeruma, who had survived the stopping, rounded the survivors and salvaged the ship's remains for scrap, reusing the vessel to construct the city of Taba, the city that would become the capital of the State of Tabatín, which he would lead.