Nova Cielos

ново небе

Nova Cielos with roads
A transportation map of Nova Cielos superimposed over an elevation map of the local area. The light orange represents the Cielu Castle.


Нека да намерите успех, че са били предназначени можем да открият. (Let us find the success we were destined to discover.)

Civilian population (as of 20/1/10)


Troop count (as of 20/1/10)



Nova Cielogradi
Nova Cielusian

-Head of State

direct government administration
Undra Aeruma


Halia dialect of the Común language

Nova Cielos (pronounced NOH-vah see-AY-lohs) is a city under the control of the State of Tabatín on continent Karalla. The city was founded by soldiers-turned-civilians by order of Undra Aeruma in order to establish a more complete control over trade in the White River's north branch. Named in honor of the city of Cielos in the Despotate of Silvermoon, Aeruma intended Nova Cielos to grow to a size reminiscent of the highly valuable settlement. The city is designed in concentric circles, and was the first Tabatingian settlement to do so, mimicking the normal patterns established by Aerumaen engineers in Silvermoon. Nova Cielos was founded on January 7th, 2010.