New Argent City

Аржентина нов град (written)

New Argent City with roads
A transportation map of New Argent City superimposed over a map of the local area. The light orange represents the Mayoral Office Building and the lavender represents Qarqida Yzadha Naval Installation.


Ние изграждаме върху произведенията на нашите предци и на нашите врагове да направи нещо съвсем по-съвършена. (We build on the works of our forefathers and our enemies to make something entirely more perfect.)



Civilian population (as of 27/1/10)


Troop count (as of 27/1/10)


-Head of State

mayor-council form
Tetrarch Yzadha
Cherrabick Tanthulum


Halia dialect of the Común language (official)
Cape Argentine dialect of the Común language (unofficial)
Cyrillic (official written)

New Argent City is a city in the northern reaches of the Despotate of Silvermoon on continent Mun Lindore, and is surrounded by the Silvermoon Jungle. The city was founded on 4th January 2010 by colonists from Cape Argent City under the direction of Cielos mayor Memaria Tzon, who helped design and start the city up before leaving for Cielos and electing a replacement. The city was primarily founded to establish a military presence in the northern reaches of Mun Lindore; the Qarqida Yzadha Naval Installation is garrisoned by the Aerumaen Second Fleet of Silvermoon and is built strategically into Tzon Harbor within the Tetrarchian Cliffsides, which protects the city from seaward bombardment. However, the Barquisimetican Canals have since been constructed for the sake of agricultural run-off as inland regions of the Silvermoon Jungle are deforested and replaced with farmland.