Mun Lindore

Silver Moon (English)

First Region Map Highlighting Mun Lindore
A map of the First Region with Mun Lindore highlighted.



Mun Lindore is the smallest continent in planet Antioch's First Region. It lies to the east of the continent Utara and to the northeast of the continent Selatan, separated by extentions of the Latenga Gulf. Despite its size, Mun Lindore hosts a great deal of biodiversity, and is home to four separate biomes. Rain shadow effect from tall mountains in Utara to the west has triggered the desertification of the western portion of the island, although the central region is spotted to the north by grassland and in the south by the sprawling Lindori Forest. The Silvermoon Jungle constitutes much of the continent's eastern coastline.

The valley around the fertile banks of the Argent River gave rise to one of Antioch's first civilizations, which calls itself the Despotate of Silvermoon. Silvermoon was founded by colonists from continent Bianco, led by exiled Ashura-Chana military strategist Alma Aeruma.