Merah with roads
A transportation map of Merah superimposed over an elevation map of the local region. The light orange represents Detention Fortress Merah's walls and offices.



Civilian population (as of 6/11/10)


-Head of State

Armandi Boureä
Blit'z Mykoldeä

Official languages

Tibakkan language

Merah (pronounced MEH-rrah) is a city on the northern shores of the Hadrumentum Sea that is presently under the control of the Republic of Bygam. Originally a small fishing village founded and maintained by independent fishermen of Vitallan descent, Akytí'p Goldeä of Goba discovered its presence and overran it, using it as a base for his troops to strike against tribesmen to the west and later as a detention camp for those indebted to Goldeä and his regime. The camp had grown to such an extent that Goldeä decided that the organization of a local government was in order, and incorporated Detention Fortress Merah as a city on January 8th, 2010.

During the Valentine War, which Goba participated in, the city of Bygam declared independence and established the independent Republic of Bygam. President Armandi Boureä of Bygam conquered Merah from Goba in the Battle of Merah, ending the prison-styled government run in the city and appointing a first mayor.