Maxus Aeruma (born in Cielos, Silvermoon) is a distant relative of the Aerumaen line who currently serves as the mayor of Gordion and a member of the Lloyesianian triumvirate.

Early lifeEdit

Aeruma was born to bourgeouisie parents working in factories in downtown Silver City who were visiting relatives in Cielos at the time. Raised in a factory in Silver City, Aeruma attempted multiple times to enter the Grand Argentine Palace and petition despot Iami Aeruma for help for his family by reason of blood relation. The senile Iami Aeruma dismissed his claims, considering the relation far too distant if related at all, and a dejected teen Aeruma returned home, despising the Aerumaen regime and attempting to post anti-government posters in various industrial locations throughout Silver City. Eventually, he was arrested and interrogated on suspicion of terrorism and was jailed for a week. At the time, he shared his cell with Qarqida Yzadha, who had been imprisoned for similar reasons, and the two conversed and conspired. At this point, Maxus Aeruma was twenty.

Later lifeEdit

Aeruma was one of Yzadha's many followers after his parents had died and Yardia Aeruma replaced Iami Aeruma on the throne. Yzadha had his chance as Silvermoon began to enter economic decline. Aeruma was a prominent revolutionary in the Cielos Riots and set fire to most of the city to spite the Aerumaen regime. Once Yzadha came to power, however, he came to know Maxus Aeruma's last name and suspected him a spy. Yzadha dispatched an assassin to kill Aeruma, but Aeruma caught wind of the hit and escaped with his life to continent Utara.

Aeruma lived on Utara for three years alone, foraging in the large forests and meditating on what had happened to him and defining his views on the world. Aeruma came to terms with his hate of the Aerumaen regime and later ran into the last voyages of the Arawdielli Armada as they collected tribute from a local village. He convinced commander Barratecha Monsrayt to let him ride the Armada back to Tugal; learning to speak Unidante, Tibakkan, and Santandían from sailors as the voyage continued, Aeruma picked up a job at the docks in Oporto Arawica. Aeruma rose to the rank of CEO in a local joint stock company sponsoring dock work. Noticing his mental prowess, recent Tarantine War veteran Parseydon Burradur met with and befriended Aeruma, and eventually the two requested doge Aguas III to grant a license to found a colony. Aeruma noticed Gordion Harbor as the two charted the island and decided to found the city of Gordion at that location.

The Valentine War brought such strain on Tugal that the nation fractured after the Emergency meeting of the states, 2010 into factions under Oporto Arawica or Nova Riviera. Having had ties to both sides, Aeruma agreed with Burradur that abstaining from the civil conflict until matters could be resolved was the best solution. The two issued the Declaration of Gordionian Indecision. As a result, the two angry sides eschewed Tugali Gordion, leaving it as practically independent. Aeruma and Burradur then agreed that joint rule of Gordion Island was the best idea, including the absent Commander and good friend Parker Lloyesia as the third leader. With this, the three formed a triumvirate to rule what they now dubbed "Lloyesiana."