The Grand Argentine Palace, written also as върховен Аржентина пребиваване, is the royal palace and administrative center of both the city of Silver City and the Despotate of Silvermoon by extension. It houses the despot of the Despotate of Silvermoon; it is currently inhabited, then, by Tetrarch Yzadha. The extravagant structure was financed by immense profits gained from a variation of the mercantilist system implemented by Yardia Aeruma and Doge Aguas II of Tugal, and its construction was ordered by the former. The Palace served as Aeruma's prison during the Silver City Civil Conflict before the position of despot was usurped by Qarqida Yzadha, and an incident involving the Новото селище killed Yardia Aeruma's brother within the palace walls.

The palace is a towering and broad structure studded with lindories, and it is built on a solid platform that bridges the two banks of the Argent River. It lies at the center of Silver City's concentric city plan.