Gordion Naval Installation (GNI)

Instalación Naval de Gordion
Instalação Naval de Gordion

Insignia of Gordion Naval Installation
The official insignia of the base.


Parker Lloyesia

Troop count



Gordion Police Department
First Fleet of Oporto Arawica

The Gordion Naval Installation (GNI) is a naval base located on Gordion Harbor in the center of the city of Gordion, which serves as the capital of the Gordion Colonial Zone. It is the largest naval installation in the Federation of Tugal. The base was founded by Parseydon Burradur and Maxus Aeruma to intercept privateering vessels that prey on freighters on the Yardianic Trade Route, but has been seen as a potential forward base by doge Aguas III of Oporto Arawica for intervening in politics all around the Arawdielli Sea. The base is composed of six separate structures: two normal drydocks on the harbor bay, one specialized submersible submarine drydock on the harbor bay, and an inland command center to the north of the city, in addition to two defensive bases guarding the mouth of the harbor.