Gordion with roads 2
A transportation map of Gordion superimposed over an elevation map of the city's immediate vicinity. The light orange represents the Gordion Conventional Hall, and the purple represents the base, defenses, and docks of the Gordion Naval Installation.


Nós somos os guardiões de nossos futuros. (We are the gatekeepers of our futures.)



-Heads of State


strong mayor government
Maxus Aeruma
Parseydon Burradur
Parker Lloyesia
Maxus Aeruma


Oporto language (official)
Unidante language (official)
Santandían language (official)
Tibakkan language (unofficial, majority speakers)
New Oporto language (unofficial, widely used)
Común language (unofficial, local)
Simbo language (unofficial, local)

Gordion (pronounced GORE-dee-ahn) is the capital of the Republic of Lloyesiana. It was formerly the capital of the Gordion Colonial Zone on Gordion Island, and was the fifth major addition to the Federation of Tugal, which was based on continent Trinubes. The city was founded on January 5th, 2010 by Parseydon Burradur and Maxus Aeruma as a countermeasure for the increasing piracy along the Yardianic Trade Route initiated by local tribesmen. It was founded strategically on a high hill nearby a well-built harbor that is split between Gordion Naval Installation and a highly commercial port that has been granted by Oporto Arawica the right to regulate trade along the Yardianic route. The city was most sympathetic to Oporto and Nova Riviera, which had dispatched the settlers and wealth necessary for the creation of the colony. The January 28, 2010 discovery of mylenies on the eastern end of Gordion Island sparked a population boom and unleashed a new era of prosperity that buoyed the Tugali economy significantly.

The city was occupied by troops from the Federation of Altadenica after the 14 March 2010 Tugali loss at the Battle of Trujillo Cape forced the First Fleet of Oporto Arawica to pull out; it became the capital of the Gordion Occupational Military Zone, a fixture of the Federation of Altadenica.

After the Emergency meeting of the states, 2010 led Nova Riviera to secede from the Oportan throne, Tugali Gordion was left in a bind, not knowing who to support. An inability to decide caused the colonial authorities to issue the Declaration of Gordionian Indecision, which stated that the colony would rejoin after the tdistressed residents of the city of Gordion were on the brink of riot until Maxus Aeruma gave the eloquent Estaremos speech, which called for tranquility and outlined the state's new name and its new plan of government.

Gordion is named for the Phyrgian capital city of Gordium, which was a major crossroads in the ancient Greek world, and was the capital of King Midas' empire.


Gordion is home to the Gordion Asadores, one of the most prominent teams on the Sector Antioch Football League.