Republic of Goba

Republiky Goba

9 Jan 2010 Goba with Flag
(left) The extent of Goba at 9 January 2010.

(right) The official flag of Goba.


Všetky ostatné musia zlyhať. (All others must fail.)

Capital (and largest city)



Tibakkan language


Supreme Chief

security council
Akytí'p Goldeä



Major cities


The Republic of Goba (pronounced GOH-bah), known colloquially as Goba or Gobaland, was a small and decentralized principality centered around the city of Tibakka in the southern part of continent Trinubes, which is in the First Region of planet Antioch. Based on the coastline of the Hadrumentum Sea, the nation was ruled under a nominal tribal council headed by autocratic supreme chief Akytí'p Goldeä until it was destroyed by Bygam and the Vitalla in the Valentine War. The polytheistic Gobalese folk religion was the dominant religion in Gobalese territories. The civilization was founded on the Gobalese Isthmus, a strategically valuable trade connection between the Hadrumentum Sea and the Moyen Serpent passage. Goba was a computer nation.

Tibakka organized itself in growth much like the city of Jenné-Jeno in Mali, not organized under any one government but formed by a group of people with common interests who gathered in a strategically important region. Historically a fishing village, the introduction of valuable lindories into the bartering economy of the nation from a shipment out of Simbopolis, Tugal tore the nation into a civil war between factions surrounding Tibakka. Akytí'p Goldeä emerged as the most powerful faction leader, halting most of the violence in the nation, although he wasn't able to stop the destruction of the original city of Tibakka before the war ended.

Goba maintains highly aggressive policies towards outsiders, a trait of Goldeä's rule. In retaliation to the Mavitallis executions of February 2010, Goba declared war on the Vitalla, precipitating the global Valentine War. The nation was drained of civilians after Readiness Order A was issued. Vitallan couriers caused most of Goba to break away into the independent Republic of Bygam, obsoleting Gobalese plans of expansion. With the Battle of Merah, Goba was pushed back to its initial size. Gambling on the success of the conquest of Mavitallis, Goldeä fortified Tibakka with automated defenses and hoped to annihalate the Bygamians after destroying the Vitalla. However, in the Glorious Charge, the Bygamians broke through the defenses in Tibakka and captured Akytí'p Goldeä. The invasion on Mavitallis faltered and dissapated, and Goba collapsed as a nation.