Fortaleza Floripa, known also as Fort Florianópolis or just as Fortaleza, is a fort and administrative center that serves the city-state of Florianópolis in the Federation of Tugal. Fortaleza is built into a hill overlooking the Simbo River, and it patrols trade from the volatile northern Simbo region. The fort was originally established prior to the Tugali War of Unification by investors from Simbopolis in the south, and was abandoned and left derelict after Simbopolis was destroyed in the war. Investors from Oporto Arawica and Nova Riviera later discovered the remains, refitted them, and built Florianópolis around it with their wealth and personnel.

Mayor Xaytartie Santiaga of Nova Riviera often visits Florianópolis to meet with tribal chieftains and other rulers from the north Simbo region within Fortaleza Floripa.