Fort Rotterdam, written as Форт Ротердам when it was founded, is a military fortification that serves Turnipion Union holdings on the North White River. It is located in the city of Taba. The fort is a relatively large wooden structure that was founded by General Xavian Tarragía, who did so on behalf of Tabatingian ruler Undra Aeruma.

Fort Rotterdam served as a central intelligence node for the State of Tabatín before the War on Tabatinia and the Battle of Taba, detecting the advance of Turnipion General Pwn's armies before they arrived at the city's limits. However, the intelligence did not precipitate a Tabatingian victory, and Tarragía and Aeruma were exiled as a result north to Myrin. However, the fort continues to serve as an intelligence outpost for the Turnipion Union, and is has kept tabs on Tabatingian development and the nation's expansion across the North White River Delta.