The flight of Alma Aeruma was the action that lead to the beginning of the colonization of continent Mun Lindore. During a period where religious tradition and culture was flourishing in Ashura-Chana, a rebellion began to form. This rebellion, whose origins are unclear, grew so large that it sparked a civil war in eastern Ashura-Chana. Holiest Oracle D'mytilene Qshuria, the most powerful person in Ashura-Chana at the time, sent his best strategist, Alma Aeruma, to Gamshin to create a plan to defeat the rebels. The resulting Transgamayan Campaign failed and rebels occupied all of Mount Ashura. Aeruma was exiled. His anger consumed him. He made his way to the rebel's base, located on the outskirts of Gamshin, and joined them. Alma Aeruma convinced them that the Ashura-Chani military was too strong, and that they outnumbered the rebels, so he lead them on a journey to form a new nation entirely aboard the Old Saint Irony.. This journey was called The Flight. Once they made their way to Mun Lindore, they discovered a spy from their former nation. The angry founder of Gamshin, Shalma Ompia, attempted to stab Alma Aeruma, their new leader, but he was caught and executed in the Argent River. Ompia's body dredged the riverbed, causing precious, silver, moon-shaped gems called lindories to surface. Mining and marketing this gem made them rich. Because of the central nature of lindories in society, the main settlement was renamed Silver City. After population grew, they formed Cape Argent City in the south, and they named their nation Silvermoon.