Cielograd (former name)
небето град (written form)

Cielos with roads
A transportation map of Cielos superimposed over an elevation map. The light orange is the Mayoral Office Building; the lavender is the Cielos Dam; and the darker orange represents major roads and highways.


сме доказали, че мечтите са постижими (We have proven that dreams are achievable)



Civilian population

8,124 (as of 12/29/09)


Cielos = skies in Spanish


Head of state

mayor-council form
Tetrarch Yzadha

Memaria Tzon

Troop count

2,000 soldiers

Cielos is a city located in the Despotate of Silvermoon known initially as Cielograd. Founded and christened personally by Iami Aeruma, the daughter of founding father Alma Aeruma, the town was originally a laborers' camp for debtors who would instructed to construct the Cielos Dam to slow the extremely swift flow of the nearby Argent River to make the mining of lindories from the riverbed easier and less dangerous. However, the dam also turned the city into an inland port, facilitating the formation of shipping routes up the Argent River and boosting the city's economic strength. This strength was damaged during the Silver City Civil Conflict; the Cielos Riots epitomized how Cielos was host to the most intense bouts of civil disorder.

The Despotate of Silvermoon prides itself on order; as a result, the city is constructed in concentric circles mirroring those of Silver City, the capital city. There were four concentric circles as of 28 December 2009.