First Region Map Highlighting Bianco
A First Region map highlighting continent Bianco.



Bianco is the third-largest continent in the First Region of planet Antioch. Of all the continents, it is the southeasternmost of them; Bianco is separated from continent Moyen-Sud to the east by the Archangelsk Strait and from continent Selatan to the north by the Appia of Biancoslatania. The majority of the continent is indistinguishable from the Arco-Biancian Ice Shelf to the south, although as one heads north a band of taiga and tundra gives way into a lush forested region centered around the Gamayan and Halia Rivers. Mount Archan, the tallest mountain in the First Region, is so tall it can be seen from the southern shores of continent Selatan; its mineral-rich hillsides are almost entirely inaccessible, but local peoples have managed to tap into its veins. Archan is an anomaly, and is geologically unrelated to the weathered but vast mountain range that divides the continent in two.

Bianco gave rise to the the First Region's very first civilization, a religiously zealous group of cities collectively called Ashura-Chana, who center their worship around Mount Ashura in the north and have established their most significant city, Ashuria, along the banks of the Halia River. The Aerumaen Schism marked the flight of the exiled Ashura-Chana military strategist Alma Aeruma, who would settle the Despotate of Silvermoon on continent Mun Lindore.