Mun Lindore

A natural map of Mun Lindore. The single blue stream is the Argent River.

The Argent River, formerly known as the Selishte River, is a stream sourced in the higher altitudes of the Angelino Mountains in the center of continent Mun Lindore. The river takes a drop down the Angelino Falls to an altitude close to sea level, pooling up into the Argent-Cielos Reservoir at the city of Cielos; the effect that the Cielos Dam has on the speed of the river is soporific, slowing the pace of the river dramatically. The stream then passes through the Lindori Forest and Silver City before meeting the ocean at an estuary nearby Cape Argent City, which is located in the Silvermoon Jungle. The river has given rise to the Aerumaen civilization, known officially as the Despotate of Silvermoon; all of their major cities lie on the river, which is absolutely vital to the economic health of the nation.